Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tender mercies of the Lord...

Hermana Aponte speaks about the love of God during Fabian's baptism on 11/1/2015.  This video was take by Jared Pratt, friend of the Aponte who happened to visit the same ward as Hermana Aponte while in Santiago Chile for business.  You can only imagine the surprise for both, but even more for the family when receiving this video.  Missionaries only speak to their family on Mother's day and Christmas.  So it had been almost 6 months since they had seen Nahiomi.
Fabian and his sister next to Nahiomi and her companion Sister Clawson
Hermana Aponte and Jared Pratt - Jared is like an uncle to Nahiomi.  She has known him and to be best friend to the Aponte since she was a baby.  Nahiomi grew up playing with his kids and have gone on vacations together.  The Aponte and the Pratt are like family to each other.  So this moment, unplanned was a surprise and very special to both.

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