Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Well, Pa told me pretty much that my emails are lame and you guys want to know about Chile, not my mission, so that's rude. He didn't use those exact words, but I know how you all really feel, so here goes nothing! I would like to apologize in advance in case I don't get time to make this spiritual. It's on you guys.
- everyone walks around with a "carrito," which is basically a little hand cart that you guy your fruits and veggies in. i've sent you all a picture of a broken one.
- they sell EVERYTHING in a bag. Yogurt, shampoo, soap, cheese, ham, jelly...anything you can imagine, it comes in a bag.
- depending on where you are, there's more poop on the streets than grass
- everyone is catholic "a mi manera" so like in their own way
- You play sardines in all public transportation...literally, you get on a metro in the morning and people's faces are pressed up against the glass, yet people just keep piling in! It's hilarious, except that it usually feels like a law of chasity violation...sorry if that's scarring.
- you watch the sunrise over the Andes and that is as life-changing as it sounds
- you smell bread ALL THE TIME coming from every direction and it's easily the best bread you've ever eaten
- you can put manjar (that brown stuff I sent you for christmas) on everything and no one even judges you! It goes on bread, fruit, crackers, or you just suck it right out of the tube
- dessert is just peaches with a little yogurt on top, so I miss brownies
- "salad" means tomatoes and onions with oil and salt :)
- any vegetable is made unhealthy in 5 seconds by pouring mayo and salt and oil on top!
- everyone think you get sick if you walk around without your crocs on haha
- names for missionaries change everyday. One day we're "elderas!" (because adding "a" to the end of "elders" means we're girls...the next day "mi hijita" and the next day they call us "I've always wanted to marry an american! Marry me!" I don't think they've ever realized that the last one isn't my name!
Well, that's it for now. If you have specific questions, I'm taking requests for next week! It is 100% true that this is probably one of the most beautiful countries ever, even though I still think Guatemala has Chile beat. You guys will love it here!
This week, in the transfers meeting, President (whom I LOVE dearly along with his great family), talked about seeing the miralces...you remember that time last week when I told you all that it's been hard not seeing too many fruits of the work we're doing? Well, I got a good slap in the face in that meeting. He said "We're too busy looking for the giant miralces WE want to see that we miss the many miracles happening everyday." That's Hermana Aponte for ya. That's a lot of us, really.
This week I tried to focus on seeing the miracles. I pray for that conastantly and it has been amazing! 

On saturday, we had this activty for the 18 of september. We have been teaching this family that has a little 9 year old girl who loves the book of Mormon and wants to get baptized, but her parents are very slow to want to keep comittments. We knew her family didn’t really want to come. Her parents dont really have a desire and they didnt know where the church was, but the entire week I was praying that Thiare would remember and that her parent's hearts would be softened. Right before the activity, we went to her house. Her mom was gone and her dad was asleep, but we told her that she was invited if they could bring her. 2 hours into the activty we get a phone call from a random number, answer it and firgure out that its her dad who wants to bring the kids to the activity and asks how to get to the church!  Heavenly Father is so aware of each one of His children and our prayers.

We had an amazing lesson with the familia briones. We felt super strongly in planning that we needed to talk about the hope of repentance. We did, and the spirit testified so strongly of the love that Christ has and how willing he is to purify us. We could see in their eyes and faces that this message was what they needed, and in the prayer that they offered, thanking this new perspective of repentance and the savior. It really is the Lord who is leading this work. We could do it without Him because it's HIM who knows exactly what people need.
Trust in Heavenly Father and look for the miracles everyday. Life is hard and sad if we're so busy looking for the sun that we miss the rainbow :)

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