Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'll be leaving Macul after 11 months

Dear sweet Aponte's,
I guess everyone is on edge because you haven't heard from me yet! Sorry. I was packing. Yup, you all read that right. Hermana Aponte is spending P-Day packing. Last night I got the call that I'll be leaving Macul after 11 months. I don't know how I feel...I'm excited and sad and nervous (mostly because I don't find out where I'm going until tomorrow). Even though I didn't know about the changes until yesterday night, I definitely just said good-bye to everyone on Sunday. It broke my heart. It honestly feels like leaving home all over again haha 
last zone pic of Alicahue!!! I have another t-shirt
with a 1 on it because I had 1 months in Macul at that time...
this one says 11! Still in Macul :) haha

We egged Pres Wright (last day)
Have I ever told you all about how much I love Macul and the people here? I feel blessed. In Mosiah 18:30 it says that the Waters of Mormon became beautiful and sacred to the people because that was where they came to a knowledge of their Redeemer. Santiago (especially the streets of Macul) have become sacred to me. I see them and they are beautiful. The houses are beautiful and the people are beautiful; all because it's been here that I've come to know Jesus Christ as my Redeemer. It's been here that I've learned how to rely on Him and it was here where I decided to give Him my heart.

My stomach dropped when I got the call about my changes, but it's a good thing. I love this sector and the people here. In these 11 months Macul has stolen my heart...well, that's what I thought. As I was praying about that and pondering the changes, a clear thought came to my mind: "Your heart belongs to the Lord." Of course I love this sector, but I am excited for the chance to serve other brothers and sisters I have in...I still don't know where :) I'll go where the Lord needs me and do it with Hermana Allred's words ringing in my ears: "Don't cry because it's over; samile because it happened!" I'm smiling :)

I loved living with these kids!
Alma 29:9 talks says "perhaps I may be an instrument in the Lord's hands...this is my joy." This Sunday, as I hugged Betzy Cabrera good-bye, she wouldn't let me go. It took me a second to realize that she was crying...that made me cry haha These moments are what bring the joy. When I see a family come back to Christ or when someone finds Him for the first time, these are the moments of joy. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before. The Savior said that if we loe ourselves for His sake, we will find ourselves. That has been true for me in my time here in Macul. In my interview with Pres. Morgan this week, he asked me if my mission is like I thought it would be. It's so much better. I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord. Nothing has ever brought me so much joy :)

I love you guys so much! Have fun at the temple and take lots of pictures! I don't want to point any fingers, but Ricky, Jaz, Jake, Jaq, and Abe, where you at? Look forward to hearing about the new sector and new comp next week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

everyone's favorite Hermana Aponte

P.S. In my interview with Pres. Morgan, he asked me in what temple I would like to get married. I told him the Orlando, FL temple because that's where I grew up. He was like "Oh, we love that temple! We went there for the sealing of an elder who served in our ward in California!" I asked where the elder was from, hoping it was PJ Brown! He was like, "Well, he's not actually from Orlando. You proably don't know him. He grew up in a small town called...St. Cloud." PSH. That's where things got exciting haha I was like "NO! I grew up in St. Cloud! What's this kids name?" BRAD HOWES!!!!!!!! That blew our minds and we were laughing and freaking out like kids for a couple of min. Then, he sent Brad a message on FB and he sent Pres. some nice words about me :) high-fives haha In the end we realized that OF COURSE the Aponte family was at the temple that day and the reception that night! So, Mama and Papa, you were in the sealing room with Pres. and Hermana Morgan all those years ago at the sealing of Brad and Courtney. Also, we realized that my 11 year-old self was waiting outside the temple and that we all partied at the same reception, even though I had no clue that my mission president was in the same room. I didn't even know I was going on a mission! Anyway, that's a cool story for this week :) BESOS.

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