Monday, May 18, 2015


My dear Aponsters,
I don't even have that much time left, so I'll just apologize in advance! We were writing in a Ciber, but it didn't end up working so well, so here we are in the Church with great internet and no time! It's alright, though :) 
I don't know if you guys want to surprise me with a birthday package (I know my birthday is in like 2 months), but IF you wanted to do that, you could maybe send me Kit-Kats and Star Crunches...if you want to.
This week was a little crazy! We had a lot of instances where people were home, but just decided to not come to the door, so that's always great. One lady, came to the door, but didn't open it. She was like "Who is it?" and we were like, "The missionaries!" all happy and missionary-like. Then, she changed her voice to make it sound like a little kid and was like "My grandma's not home," even though it was obviously her haha we got a good laugh out of that one :)
We've been teaching Carlos and Carlos a lot. In fact, we have an FHE with them tonight :) We're still trying to get them ready for their baptisms, but we may have to wait until next week to do it. But, they're still awesome, so keep praying for them! Carlos (el hijo) pretty much reads the Book of Mormon every chance he gets and his dad (Carlos), is pretty much set on changing his life to change his family. It's beautiful :)
This week, we've started writing down all the weird stuff Hermana Rivadeneria and Hermana Nina say when they're trying to speak English. It's the best.
- Hermana Rivadeneira the other day: "Look at his Nickey's!" She was actually looking at someone's Nike's. 
- Hermana Rivadeneira, again (to Hermana Jones): "I like your panties!" Here is where Hermana Jones and I just started cracking up because we're 5 years old :) She was talking about her tights, which are called "panties" in spanish.
- Hermana Nina: just adds -tion to the end of every spanish word. i.e: "I don't perdonation!" is "I don't forgive you!" 
I don't even want to know what it sounds like when I speak Spanish.
Well, in case you guys didn't know from the 100 pictures I sent you, I completed 9 months in the mission this week. That's just all kinds of crazy! On that blessed day, the world was against us.
We went to visit this contact who had happily told us to visit her. We had put a cita, but she wasn't there, so we went back to visit her later on. When we got there, she just looked at us and started yelling...she was all "Oh my gosh, you guys are such a burden!" and other things that the children shouldn't know. After she finished, I just told her that if she ever needed help with anything, she could call us, to which she responded: "You are the LAST people I would ever call!" and casually entered her house. I tried not to be pretty bummed about it, but sometimes it's just hard, OK?! 
We just kept on going and we contacted this german lady. I don't even know if there is more information required...the lady is german. If she was saying "I want to be baptized" it would sound like a slap in the face (sorry Jaq). She pretty much spent like 10min yelling at us in the street and telling us how she didn't have time, even though SHE was the one talking the whole time haha People are weird sometimes. In the end, we gave her our number and told her she could call us if she needed anything. She actually seemed pretty into that idea because she has some windows that need cleaning. High-fives!
We also had the beautifully delightful chance to visit the Familia Cabrera, whom I LOVE with all my heart! Apparently, Betzy and her mom used to clean the house of Elder Amado, so they're all pals. Pa, they would love his email, so if you could send that to me, that'd be great! They're also best pals with Elder Holland, who's house they also cleaned and he loves them. They have pictures where he is sitting in the same room I was sitting in. ALSO, they cleaned for an Elder Pratt. We're not sure if there is any relation to our dear Pratts, but someone should find that out for me! Is there an Elder Pratt that came to Chile? I need to know.
Anyway, this is really just all a bunch of random stuff, but I would like you all to know that I'm doing just great! After the rough day where everyone and their dog yelled at us, we were feeling pretty discouraged. But, I decided to whip out my little card they gave me in the MTC that talks about my calling. It's signed by President Monson's signature machine, so it's legit. It says that Nahiomi Aponte is a worthy member of the Church that has been called as a representative of Jesus Christ and has the authority to preach His gospel. I read that, then read it to my companion, and we cried because it's true.
 I know that I have been called by the Lord to do this. At the end of the day, "How Firm a Foundation" was just playing on repeat in my head. 
"Fear not, I am with thee. Oh be not dismayed. For I am they God and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand. Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand." 
This is the same hymn that came to my mind as I boarded the plane to come to Chile. It is the same hymn that plays in my mind every day of my mission. I hope it is playing every day for the rest of my life. I am hear to serve the Lord because I love Him. Nothing else matters. I don't fear and I don't worry because I know He is with me every step of the way. I know He leads this work and He leads me. Follow Him; depend on Him. If you do that, there is never any reason to fear. 
I love you guys dearly. I love my mission more than I can say! This is the greatest thing I have ever done. It's one fo the greatest things I will ever do; not because of any work I'm doing, but because of the marvelous change the Lord is working in me. 
Be good :)

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