Monday, March 9, 2015

If Aponte's don't know how to live it up, who does?

My dearest sweetest Aponte's,

Oh how I love you all!!!! I would like to apologize 5000 times because this email is going to be SUPER short. I wrote Jaz a novel for her birthday, so blame it on her! It's now "beat up Jazmin day," except you will all have to wait until tomorrow when it's not her birthday.

Well, you guys are all SUPER busy playing Narnia and living it up while mom and pa are in New York, changing the world. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite sister is sweating down in Chile where there is lightning striking our apartment building at 2 in the morning (that really happened) and volcanoes erupting and earthquakes disturbing the peace. If Aponte's don't know how to live it up, who does?

This week I have some AWESOME news: Carolina is getting baptized on the 22 of March!!!! This is a beautiful miracle and this woman is SO READY! Seriously, I feel like we didn't even have to do anything with her. We just found her and she was already awesome and ready to be baptized into the true church. Peace and blessings. Seriously, the overwhelming feeling I have on my mission is that God is so dang GOOD! He really doesn't need me to do this, but he just lets little-ole weirdo Nahiomi meet these awesome people and direct them to the nearest chapel. There are so many people who are so ready to accept the message of the restored gospel. It is the greatest blessing of my life being able to watch the happiness it brings them when they realize that this is what they've been searching for; this is what they've been missing.

I've been thinking a lot about Mom and Pa's conversion story this week. I've been especially pondering the roles of the missionaries and members in their amazing story. Who are the missionaries that baptized our lovely parents? Does anyone know? Can someone go find them and THANK them? Everyday I testify 10'0 times about how the gospel blesses families and bring happiness. That message that the missionaries shared with mom and pa in that first lesson changed much more than just the lives of mom and pa. Find them and thank them, por favor. Also, Titi Emma. If it were not for the new convert, Titi Emma, mom and pa proabbly wouldn't have found the missionaries for some time. Share what you know and the blessings it has brought you. There is a power in that, which I can't even being to describe. Muchas gracias, Titi Emma :) 

Also, Hermana Erin Allred (my favorite mission mom ever) is coming to visit this week! Need I say more? Yes, I think so. I love that kid.

Jacqueline, have you heard the scripture that it is by grace that we are saved, after all that we can do? Look up scriptures that have to do with grace and let me know what you learn! I will send you a letter next week, letting you know what I learn about grace this week!

Ella, Sam, and Liv, I LOVE YOU GUYS and I am so happy that you are having so much fun in the snow! Have you guys drawn me any pictures lately? Send them! You know I love them! Be good and listen to Jaz!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Be good :)


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