Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"talk about stress"

Holita, my favorite family!!!
Holita means little hello, so that's great. I feel like I have so much to say, but I don't even know where to start! Let's start with: Hermana Allred is at the airport right now! I just left from saying good-bye to her. There were tears, but I'm so happy for her! Her family is waiting and she's done such amazing work here! Like she says "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened." I'm smiling...through the tears. I kid, I kid.
In other news, Alicia and Martina were confirmed members of the Church yesterday. Those two are so happy :) Now we're working to get her husband on board so that they can become an eternal family! They really are great. I will send pictures, I'm so sorry!! We also went to the temple and did a tour with Alicia this week. It was great! She said it was all pretty normal, until they let her walk into the temple. She only went in up to desk in the front, but she felt the Spirit so strongly. She sat down and was just in tears. She could literally feel the closeness to her Father in Heaven in that place. In that moment, she imagined her eternal family and was full of hope and love. She said to us afterwards, "I'm going to come here often." It's such a blessing to have a temple in our mission. We can talk and talk about the blessings we receive there, but it's so different when they can experience that Spirit for themselves! She wants to go with all of her family :)
We met this super awesome lady named Andrea the other day. We talked to her about eternal families and she is super interested! She says her and her husband have been looking for a church to attend and that we were an answer to her prayers :) She invited to come to her house and share something with her, so we made an appointment. When we went back, her husband answered and said she was in the hospital because she had their baby girl!!!! Even though Andrea wasn't there, we were able to talk to her husband for a bit and he invited to come back later this week, when he and Andrea and both listen. Yay! I'm excited to teach them!
As you all know, we had transfers this week! How it works is that on Friday or Saturday President Wright calls us to tell us if we have changes or not (if we'll be changing sectors or have a new companion). Pretty much, the phone burns a hole in your pocket all weekend and everytime it rings, everyone's heart is going to explode. Just talk about stress.
Well, if there are a lot of changes in the mission, the Zone Leaders will call instead of President Wright. This time there were a lot of changes, but the Zone Leaders called jsut to say that they had the changes and would be stopping by the let us know what they were. So we waited and they came. Hermana Williams and Hermana Grannis are going to keep working together in Macul. Hermana Contreras left and is now with another hermana who has 6 weeks in the mission. I am now without an official companion (but, I'm here with Hermana Parra) because my new companion...drumroll... gets here from the MTC tomorrow! I am training a new missionary, so that's crazy.  I still feel like I'm new! I'm super nervous, but I'm excited for the opportunity. I'll let you all know more next week!!!
Another crazy part of the change is that I am now an Hermana Leader. That's also kind of insane because I don't feel like I have enough to offer to be a leader, but I know there's a lot to learn from these opportunities to serve. A lot of prayers for your favorite Hermana Aponte, por favor :) 
Anyway, that's all the crazy news fro this week! I love you all and I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well :) Thank you al Titi Emma, Gramps, and Sister Tyler for the packages!!! You guys are awesome :) The "thank-you" cards are in the mail!
everyone's favorite hermana

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