Monday, February 23, 2015

I freaked out...

Holita my favorite Aponte's,

I hope everyone is doing just dandy! Hey, just a word of advice: don't watch videos of me that are going to make you all cry! Why did you guys do that? haha It's just not the best idea I've ever heard of haha but really, I'm flattered that you all made a video of me. Don't watch it! 

This week has been a little crazy! I now spend half my money to travel the Metro for divisions and meetings with President Wright haha it's the best! This week we had a meeting for Hna Leaders where we talked about Learning by Faith. Everyone go read Elder Bednar's talk "Seeking Knowledge by Faith." That's a lousy english translation, so I'm not 100% sure that's the name, but it's something like that! 

I was thinking about that, how the scriptures tell us that we need to learn by faith. What does that even mean? Learning by faith is the kind of learning the changes us. It lets the spirit into our hearts and leads us to become more like the Savior. I don't know about you all, but that's exactly the kind of learning that I want to do! It happens by ACTING in faith. When we hope for something that is not seen (which is faith), it leads us to act (which is faith), and that leads us to a conviction or a testimony of some principle (which is also faith)=learning by faith. That process leads our faith to grow, so that the next time we have to act in faith, we have enough faith to do it. It's really just a beautiful cycle that I hope we can all follow in our lives. Act on the hope you have and I promise you will see miracles. When I learned about this cycle, I remembered Mama and Papa and their conversion story. They really had no idea if the church was true when they met the missionaries, but they HOPED it was. That led them to ACT and that action has CHANGED their lives and mine. I'm so thankful for that.

This week we met a lot of new investigators, so I'm super excited to see how they all progress!! There is one lady named Carolina, from Peru, who is great! She has a 7 year old daughter named Valeska, who reminds me a lot of Ella :) Anyway, Carolina was a reference of the niece, who we are also teaching. She had a stroke in December and had to learn how to do everything all over again. She has so much faith and is now looking to draw closer to God. She is grateful to be here with her daughter and she just wants to show Him that! I love her :) Anyway, she went to church on Sunday(WOW) and her and Valeska both loved it!! She's already said that she will be baptized! Valeska is even going to sing with the Primary in Stake Conference this sunday! They're awesome :)

We also found a couple from Peru, Santos and Janette. They contacted the other hermanas in the street, so that's kind of cool! They have 2 kids and tell us to pass by whenever we want! They beautiful thing is that we can actually teach a whole lesson without starting to talk about the weather or the futbol game or the dirt on the ground or whatever other random stuff that usually comes up in lessons. We went to visit them while on divisons and Hna Stokes was like "You know they're not Chileans when you can teach Lesson 1 in an hour." TRUTH haha but, it's great. Chileans just have a lot of character, that's all :)

I really just don't have a lot of time today, but I don't know why! I'm sorry, but don't worry, that's really all the exciting stuff that happened this week! Actually, random story:
We were in the Metro, debating whether or not we should contact a lady who looked kind of busy. We ended up talking to her and she was actually very interested in having missionaries pass by. However, she was apparently changing houses and was on her way to her daughter's house that very second and didn't know the address. She asked us for a website or a phone number to call, so we have her a pass-along card, but I was still a little dissapointed. I'm telling you, this lady was great!! She was super interested in learning more about the gospel and even asked us for the address of a chapel, but I didn't know what to tell her. Then, the guy sitting next to her pulls out his earbuds and is like "The gospel is a really beautiful thing and I promise it will bless you. Here, I'll look up the address of the church and help you contact missionaries." It turn out this lovely man was a member of the Church and decided to speak, jsut as we had to get off the Metro. I love being a missionary! Yeah, maybe it didn't all turn out exactly how I would have planned it, but it's still a beautiful experience. In that moment, I had one of those "learning by faith" experiences. I cam to understand a little better the love of God. He really does know each one of us and His plan is so perfect. I am positive that part of His plan was that that lady was sitting next to a member. Part of His plan was that we contacted her and planted the seed, even if we couldn't get an address. He is so good. He really does know.
Anyway, I have to go, but I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Be good and keep wirting me :) Ella, Sam, and Liv, your letters are in the mail!



P.S. Grandpa was here this week and called my phone. I freaked out and didn't know what to do because we can't actually talk to our family haha In the end, I called President Wright (who just laughed at me for freaking out) and had to tell dear old gramps that I couldn't see him. He was pretty OK with it and apparently is going to come to pick me up at the end of my mission! What a guy :) He was also proud of my spanish-speaking skills.

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