Monday, February 2, 2015

Hermana Allred se va!!

Holita mis quieridos!!

I hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!! If I'm 100% honest, I didn't get the chance to read a lot of your email's because we only have an hour to email today!

I'm here with Hermana Allred and her companion, Hermana Pendrod because Hermana Allred se va!! She's going home next monday, so you all know I'll probably just be crying that whole day. Have I ever mentioned to you guys how blessed I am to know that girl? She is an amazing missionary. The fact that she was my trainer convinces me that God loves me more than the rest of the missionaries here :) Also, there are transfers next week, so there are a lot of "May the odds be ever in your favor" feelings happening right about now! I love my sector with all my heart!! Macul is the BEST. That's why they call it Mas-cool.

This week was all a blur, but we did a lot of prepping for Alicia and Martinia's baptism. Oh, did I perhaps not mention that? ALICIA AND MARTINA GOT BAPTIZED! It was beautiful and I will send you pictures next week!! They are super happy and Alicia just keeps talking about the peace she feels and how excited she is to keep growing in the gospel. I love this family with all my heart. She's already taught her husband about eternal families, so we'll just see where that goes! I want to see this family together forever!

Do you guys remember the family you met when I was skyping? Victor, Teresa, and Hans, whom we LOVE? Well, we have FHE with them every week and they are always saying precious things about how much they love us and it usually all ends with everyone crying. I feel the love. Anyway, last week Victor and I were chatting and he was like "Hermana Aponte, I love your family like they are my family. I am waiting for the day when I can hug you parents and thank them!" So that was adorable and I had to share it with you guys. People pray for you ALL THE TIME. I hope you know that. People ALWAYS ask blessings for our families and it is the most beautiful thing. I wish you guys could see it. They don't know you, but they pray for you and ask that you're blessed. The people here love you guys haha Live in a way that you can receive the blessings they ask for!! 

Also, we always see movie posters and it just reminded me to ask about the progress of my movie list. I don't want a lame list that you guys put together the day before I get back! I'm not thinking about the movies and I'm not trunky (missing things from home), but I do want a quality movie list, people! 

This week I've been studying a lot of 1 Nephi. You know, those chapters that we've all read 500 times! Do we even realize just how cool Lehi and Nephi are? A lot of times, I would read those chapters and it was just like "Yeah, it's Pehi, so he's awesome and it's expected." But, I love reading about how Nephi, and even Lehi, GAIN testimonies. Lehi heard the words of prophets and while he was PONDERING their words and PRAYING, he has his visions and starts to understand the will of God. Nephi, that gem of a guy, doesn't actually beleive the words of his father immediately. But, what's the difference between Nephi and Laman and Lemuel? Nephi didn't know if the things his father taught were true or not, but he ASKED to know the truth for himself. He first had a DESIRE to know, then he PONDERS, he ASKS for guidance from God, and FEEL THE SPIRIT testifying that those things are true. He developed a testimony, he wasn't just born with it :) I love that. My invitation to you all is to live in a way so that you can have spiritual experience that will help you develop your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Live worthy of spiritual experience--LOOK FOR THEM. I promise that if you have a desire to know and do your part, the experiences will come. God will let you know He is there. His Spirit will bear testimony of the truth.

I love you guys so much!! Kepp writing :)

Hermanita Apontita

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