Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My heart literally LEAPED!!!

My Dear Family!!!

How was Thanksgiving without me?! I hope you all cried a lot and when everyone said what they were thankful for, it was me :) I don't doubt it for a second.
Obispo Cataldo and his family.  There is a great man!
This week was good! We are working ourselves to death over here in Macul and it is a great feeling!! You know you've "earned the pillow" when you're asleep before your head hits it. That's the best! Nothing too crazy happened, but there are a few life-changers I'd like to share! I don't have much time though!

Antonella went to church, which is literally a miracle if ever I've seen one!! We couldn't get her to go to Primary, so she came to the adult class haha baby-steps! 

Romina: She's a less active 16 year old who hasn't been to church in like 2 years. We always eat lunch with her grandma, but we've jsut recently started visiting her and she is great! She doesn't like us to talk about her going to Church because she feels super judged there (with her piercings and stuff). ANYWAY, we shared with her the video "Gracias a El" umm "Thanks to Him" in English, I beleive.. I don't know, but that video is BEAUTIFUL and you should all go watch it and let it change your lives, liek RIGHT NOW. We watched that and talked to her about how she can start changing her life right now, thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She always says it's too late and she has greater comdenation because she knows the Church is true; she just doesn't want to live it. We shared with her the scripture in DYC 19 and talked about how Christ has already suffered for her! He had a moment in His suffering where he felt just the pains and sorrows of Romina. He is waiting with open arms for her to accept His sacrifice so that it's not in vain. In the end I asked her "So what are we going to do, now?" and she just looked at me and smilied, "We're going to Church on Sunday." AHHH, I love this girl :) My heart literally LEAPED for joy haha It's a beautiful thing to look at these people and feel the love that Heavenly Father has for them as His children. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Irma, Alicia and Alicia's kids: Jorge, Martina, Rodrigo, and Gabrielle. Paula is a neighbor girl and we're teaching her grand parents!! AMO ESE FAMILIA :)

Catharine our GOLDEN investigator :) I love her so SOO MUCH
Also, I don't know if you guys have seen it, but the Church has put a lot of time and effort into this video called "He is the Gift"...that could be wrong because it's my Enlish translation...but go to the website christmas.mormon.org and you can watch this 3 min video that is there to remind us what this CHRISTmas season is all about. It is beautiful. SAHRE IT WITH EVERYONE. 
*side note* Dec. 7 is the Church's day on youtube! This video will be the ONLY ad on youtbe across the world this day, so that's kind of cool. Also, it will be showing on the jumbo tron in Time Square, though I can't remember what days. This video is beautiful :) 

Remember as we get into the craziness of the Chistmas season, He is the Gift. He is the reason we celebrate this season. He is the reason that we can live in peace and realy happiness in a world so full of darkness.The Atonement of Jesus Christ is REAL. I KNOW that is true and I know it has the potential to change our lives, if we will just let it! That is my invitation this week: Accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your lives! Heavenly Father does not care how many times you fall. The only thing he cares about is how many times you get up. 
Matias, Paulina, and Juakin :) They remind me of Mom and Pa!!

Christ is the gift and I am forever grateful that God loves me enough that He sent His Son to atone for me :) 


Besos y amor,
Hermana Nahiomi Aponte

PS. Letter in the mail for Heidi and Jamie :) SEND ME LETTERS haha Also, I got the Christmas package and I didn't open it! Be proud.

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