Monday, November 24, 2014

thank you all 1000 times

Mi Querida Familia,

Can I just thank you all 1000 times for the love this week? Not just my beautiful family, but from my great friends, as well! This last week was a bit of a dousy, but the love from the e-mails makes it 100 times better! GRACIAS :)

First things first: People have told me that my spanish is significantly better than when I got here! That's the best news I've had in my whole life! Also, one investigador (Yolanda) said I have a French accent when I speak spanish. I don't even know what that means! The spanish doesn't worry we so much anymore. It's definitely FAR from perfect...actually, it's probably far from even being good, but it's coming and that's all I can ask for!

We started teaching the husband of one of our investigators this week. His name is Luis, the husband of Maria Eugenia. I think he is more interested than her, so this is great! We had a lesson about la Restauracion and he had actually read the pamphlet we left him, so he had a whole list of questions for us! That was awesome...except they were really great questions we didn't know the answer to haha My companion looked for the answers in the scriputres and a bit of a bible bash (when we just shoot off scripture after scripture) started happening. When they stopped, I just looked at Luis and told him honestly that I couldn't answer his questions, but that we would look for the answers. I bore my testimony to him that I know this church is true and I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. But it really doesn't matter what I know if he doesn't know it for himself. We invited him to pray and read the Book of Mormon and ask God if these things are true. It was great because I was able to explain that we are here as missionaries because this gospel has brought us so much happiness we want to share it with everyone! In the end the room was quiet and he thanked me for my honesty and sincerity and said the he was gong to pray, but that he already thinks the church is true because we aren't here to convince him--just to invite him to find out if it's true or not. We'll see where it goes!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to bear testimony every single day of the things I know to be true. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth and it is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day  Saints! What a beautiful message :) If you ever doubt your testimony, SHARE IT. One of the most powerful ways to strengthen your testimony is to share it and feel the Spirit bearing testimony of your words. That's a beauitful thing :) Also, I can't take the credit for that was President Packer. What a guy :)

Catharine and Lukas went to church on Sunday! They are progressing beautifully, as usual! We're going to the temple with them on the 13th for a Christmas program! Victoria also went, but only stays for sacrament, which she calls a Catholic mas. is that how you spell mas? Irma went with her two grandkids, Martinia y Jorge. I love that family! These crazy kids make me feel right at home :) Denis is a less active member who also went with his partner, Teresa (investigadora). They came to church on their own last week and no one knew who they were! It turns out Denis's son passed away this month and he promised him that he would go to church. So he is coming back and is SUPER ready to live this gospel and be happy again. I love that :) He knew exactly where to find hope and happiness. This Church is true! Teresa already said she will be baptized (after one visit) and they have already started giving all their tea and coffee away! We haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom :) They're great!

My first week leading the sector was crazy! We didn't get lost (that much), but I always have the fear that I will forget about someone! I don't want to be the reason that someone falls through the cracks, ya know? OHHHH MAN! Elsa (who had a fecha bautismal) told us to never come back and that she's moving anyway because she's having a rough time. We asked if we could leave her with a prayer and she yelled at me saying, "What part of get out of here are you not understanding?!" So we left after that...I'm OK. 

We spent P-Day with Hermana Allred and her companion (Hermana Martinez) and some other hermanas from the mission! Can I just say that I miss Hermana Allred. I LOVE that girl!  We made Christmas decorations and ate pumpkin pie!! That was happiness right there :) Oh yeah, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Don't party too hard without me. We have a day full of appointments Thursday, so that's great!! If you want to think of me while you're all eating until you die, that's what I'll be doing! In all seriousness, I'm extremely lucky to being sharing the gospel on the day we set apart to give thanks. I am SO thankful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!! 

Also, shout out to Titi Emma, Tio Jose, Emma, and Angela!! Are you still at the house? Sorry to miss spending time with you guys! I hope you're all doing beautifully!! 

Also, Jamie, my brother from the same mother!!! How am I missing a holiday season where you'll be home the WHOLE time. You didn't plan that very well! It's ok, I forgive you. But seriously, enjoy it! I'm glad to hear that you're spending that time with the family!!! 

Thank you all for you love! I'm sorry I can't write more!! The computers once again failed for a good 30min...oh how I LOVE the internet of CHILE! 

Muchos besos,
Hermana Nahiomi Aponte

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