Monday, November 17, 2014

"Don't cry because it's ending; smile because it happened."

Hey Family,

I hope everything is going wonderfully!! I love hearing from you all :) There is a lot of fun stuff happening up there! I'm glad you guys are busy--stay busy!! I'm so happy to hear how involved you guys have been in missionary work in our ward! Keep up the good work :) I promise that this work brings more happiness than you guys can imagine; not only for those who recieve the gospel, but for those who share it, as well.

Sooo, today starts a new transfer! I am offically done with training and I am your normal, everyday missionary. That blows my mind and is kind of intimidating! The only thing that is a comfort is knowing that Heavenly Father won't let me mess up His work haha 

With this new transfer came the highly anticipated departure of my beloved mission mom, Hermana Allred. It breaks my heart that we won't be working together anymore. It was such a blessing to have worked with her and learned from her. You should have seen the members and investigadores when they found out she was leaving--everyone was crushed and many tears were shed. That amazing missionary has been in this ward for 11 months and she made every second count! That was the most important thing she taught me--that a love for the Savior and His work and for these people is everything. In the days leading up to the transfer (when we found ourselves crying a ridiculous amount) she said to me "Don't cry because it's ending; smile because it happened." TRUTH. Every second of my mission and my life is a blessing. I am determined to live up every second of it and cherish each tender mercy of the Lord. Look for those tender mercies, guys. They are EVERYWHERE and they are BEAUTIFUL. 

My new companion is Hermana Contreras and she is Chilena, so fluent spanish-speaking, HERE I COME!! She is great and is actually in my ward, so this isn't too drastic for her. I have lived with this kid for the last 3 months, so that's great! Also, lucky for her, she only needs to switch rooms :) Packing suitcases is the worst. Get used to this great missionary's name because (if the past is anything to go by) we will probably be together in this same sector for at least 6 months :) Personally, I would happily serve my entire mission in Macul--it's THE BEST!

I took a BUNCH of pictures this last week, BUT, the computers are once again being really dumb. I'm sorry :( Someday you will get so many pictures from me that you will get sick of it. Until that day, keep looking at the picture of me that I know you all have hidden under your pillows!

I would really love for you gusy to know (especially Mama and Papa) that the people here are wonderful! I love them and they have a beautiful love for the missionaries. They take care of me, so please don't stress yourselves! Also, there was an earthquake yesterday!! But, it was unimpressive, so don't get too excited. Things are just getting random here because I'm running out of time, as usual :)

I want to send stories of our investigadores with the pictures I took with them this week, so look forward to that! I promise we work with people, I just want you to have faces to go with the names!

Also, happy to see it's snowing over there! Our Christmas will be a delightful 100 degrees :) I know you're jealous.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! I MISS YOU!!! Por favor, keep praying for me! I appreciate that :)

Con mucho amor y muchos besos,

Hermana Nahiomi Aponte

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