Friday, October 3, 2014

my formal invitation to the world to watch

I really do love being a missionary!

"The trials ahead are NEVER as strong as the strength behind you." - Brad Wilcox (Su Gracia es Sufficiente) READ THAT!! Jesus Christ is the strength behind you guys, supporting you in this. Make Him the center of everything, help these kids to develop their own testimonies. They've got to know this truth for themselves :)

I have like 5min to write this email, so sorry about that!! The Internet was being weird AGAIN.
We met our goal of 9 lessons with members this week (one away from President Wright's standard of excellence), so that's AWESOME!!! Also, like 3 different people have told me that the Spanish is coming along nicely, so hopefully that's true!
A dog peed on my foot, so that was traumatizing. Also, I had a crying day where I felt super terrible about myself and the kind of missionary I am, but OF COURSE, Hna. Allred was there to save the day and change my life. Seriously, that girl is a gem. 
Can I just tell you all to read the talk by Brad Wilcox called "His Grace is Sufficient." IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is there for so much more than we realize. It's not just for when we sin and mess up, it's there to make good people better.
Also, something pretty life-changing that I learned this week: People always say that we are saved "after all that we can do," but that doesn't actually mean Christ is going to help us AFTER we've done everything we can. He is not waiting for us at the finish line, He is there with us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. He doesn't make up the difference, He IS the difference. 
Anyway, what is new in the Aponte casa? Also, is someone making me a movie list? You guys know I don't want to miss a thing!!
Also, we've found a couple of new, REALLY GREAT, investigadores (how do you spell that in English?), I'll keep you updated with that. I'm sending letters in the mail because I'm out of time, but I'll write more about people we're teaching and everything next week. 
Can I just say, FELLOWSHIP investigadores y menos activos y conversos because it is hard to be new!!! Also, General Conference this Sat. and Sun. (Oct. 4 and 5). This is my formal invitation to the world to watch it with questions, searching for answers from our living prophet and apostles. They really do speak for God. 


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