Thursday, October 30, 2014

man oh man, here we go!

ANYWAY, man oh man, here we go! This week:

1) We had divisions and we have a new Hermana leader, Hermana Fillerup who is like 1 of 10 kids or something crazy like that! I was with her companions in Ñuñoa, Hermanas Stokes and Todesco. Those two are fun :) We got to their sector around 11am and we were prettty much outside until 6pm, so that was INSANE haha mosty because it was 100 degrees with the beaming Chilean sun! It's beautiful, but we had to stop to eat popsicles so we wouldn't die. Hermana Stokes (we left the CMM together) and I cleverly got grape flavored one's that dripped all over our clothes and bags..."Always be professional" they told us before leaving the CMM. Nope. We walked around the rest of the day trying to hide our popsicle stains like 5 year olds haha Can you say, vergüenza? 
On divisions we were getting off the bus and I went to let this lady get off first while the other Hermanas got off. That's a perfectly missionary-like thing to do! Except she wasn't getting she just stood in front of me and the doors closed and the bus started driving away. I was companionless on the micro in a sector I don't know haha how embarrassing! Then I look and see Hermana Stokes and Todesco chasing after the micro, waving their arms like crazies haha it was hilarious! I know you're all probably on the edge of your seats with this story, so I'll just let you know that the bus stopped and all was well in the end :)

2) Hermanas Grannis and Contreras (the other hermanas from our ward) had a baptism yesterday! Patricia and her 12 year old son, Victor! THEY ARE PRECIOUS and it was beautiful! Victor bore his testimony in the end and was like "I just feel good! I'm going to be a good Mormon!" That kid is so adorable that Saturday I almost saluded him con un beso and we were both traumatized! He left all shy-smiling telling everyone "I almost kissed the hermana..." Que vergüenza on my part. He just reminded me of Ricky and Jacob!

3) Irma and Gaston went to church, which was beautiful because we actually forgot to invite/remind Irma, but she's a pro by now! I love that woman. Also, Gaston can only go like once a month because his work! These two are amazing people and making a lot of progress :) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! We also painted Irma's fence this week and practiced English during blows my mind how my English and Spanish are both super fome haha

4) I found out a little statistic that BLOWS MY MIND. Our ward has 1000+ members...100 are active. It's like this across our entire mission, so Presidente says we are a reactivating mission. Also a baptizing one, but now all the missionaries are scared to baptize people! All because a couple of decades back they baptized everyone, even if they weren't ready and now everyone's a menos activo *sigh* we have a lot of meeting about having faith to baptize :) Can I just say though, I love working with the menos activos. The joy you would get from a baptism is the same joy you should get when someone comes baack to Church! In both cases it's a child of God returning to Him. That is BEAUTIFUL! 

*side note* How are Brooke and Cheryl (the investigators) doing?

5) Hermana Allred is pretty much leaving the next cambio, so that's slightly traumatizing, even though she'll soon complete 11 months here...we agree it's just not enough! Have I told you guys that in our mission 11 months in a sector is 100% normal/expected? We usually have 2 or 3 sectors our whole missions and I LOVE THAT! Anyway, we had interviews con Presidente and she was all "you can leave me because I love it in Macul!"
He didn't really say no, but he didn't say yes either. Obviously this hurts my heart because this girl has become a best friend to me. Oh the miss is just full of delightful changes and I LOVE CHANGE (there is a lot of sarcasm there).

I'm sorry that this email is a little crazy and random and all over the place!! I really have no excuse to give you! Just know that things are beautiful here, as usual! I'm learning SO MUCH everyday. 

Everyday I am amazed at the love Heavenly Father has for me and the rest of His children. His Plan of Salvation is AMAZING. I've been thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation this weel. Our perfect God wants nothing more than for us to become like Him and return to His presence. So He made a plan. This plan is perfect, just as God is. It WILL NOT fail. His purpose is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." A perfect God could not make an imperfect plan. He knew about our mistakes and shortcomings. He knew we would never make it on our own. That's why there is a PLAN and He has already provided the way to overcome our imperfections. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the solution. It is the least understood point of doctrine in the world...also the most important. Study the Atonement and the Plan of Happiness. Have faith in the plan He made!!



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