Monday, October 20, 2014

Holy cow, what a week!!!

Dear Family,
Holy cow, what a week!!! I am continually in awe of how good our Father in Heaven is! We had a great week over here in Macul :) We are doing great about meeting our goals and our investigadores are progressing!! 4 came to the chapel this Sunday, 2 for the first time and they loved it!

We're teaching this new lady and she is GOLDEN! Seriously, the first lesson (where we pretty much just tell her who we are and what our purpose is) she was like "I would really like to belong to your Church!" and we didn't even know what to say haha We went and taught her lesson 1 and in the end she prayed saying "Thank you for the hermanas. I was tired when they got here, but I'm not tired anymore because what they shared with me!" It was the most beautiful thing! We all have the knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and because of that we shouldn't be tired either! That knowledge should fill us with excitement and give us the motivation to live the way Heavenly Father has commanded! This gospel is so beautiful! Next time you're tired and feel like you can't keep going in any situation, remember the plan God has for us; remember that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. Thanks to that and thanks to Him, thanks for our Savior, there is always a way to overcome anything.

Friday we had divisiones where 2 hermanas from the CCM (MTC) came to our sector and we showed them what it was like to be a "real" missionary. So I took one out teaching and Hna Allred took one. I was with Hna Williams, but we couldn't find anyone! So pretty much I looked like a fool haha but then I took her to a menos activo lady named Rina. Rina is like 85 years old and a bit of a hoarder...also she waits for us to come over to do her laundry haha I LOVE RINA! Anyway, we taught her, but the whole time her cat wat attacking Hna Williams. That poor girl left with cuts on her arms and is now probably scarred for life! No, she actually took it pretty well. Missionary Life :) Anything can happen to you, but you just keep smiling!! Anyway, it was weird to be the "senior companion" and lead everything (especially since I only have 2 weeks more in the mission than Hna Williams), but it was all great in the end! Super fun!

The District class went really well, I think! We got cookies for it, so that's ALWAYS good! We'll see this week if it actually helped anyone...also, I got your package and the letters from Pa and Abe!! So, MUCHAS GRACIAS!! We ate everything in like .5 seconds haha it's starting to get pretty dang hot over here (which means earthquake season!! EXCITED), so the summer theme was great :)

Que mas? I really think that's all...I'm sorry!!! Nothing too exciting, except we are on fire haha no, but really it has nothing to do with us. Hna Allred and I are always talking about how crazy it is that Heavenly Father even lets us participate in this work. Like, we are just weird 20ish year old girls who are slightly immature and probably laugh too much for our own good. Yet, God uses us as instruments in His hands to save His wandering children. Our most "successful" week together, yet we've never felt like we're doing less. Not that we're not working because we really do work super hard, but it's all Him! It's beautiful. This work is amazing and God is good :)

I love you all SO MUCH!! Keep writing me and don't forget what I look like :) I'm talking to you, Brody and Molly! Also, Liv, Sam, and Ella. Do you guys still know who I am?? haha

Seriously, you guys are awesome!! I LOVE YOU!!

Hna Aponte

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