Monday, September 1, 2014

...teaching the very REAL people...

As you probably know, I am out in the field teaching the very REAL people of Makul in Santiago, Chile. It's kind of a poorer area (but decently safe, Pa) and the people are awesome! We're teaching so many people that I can't even say much right now. I'll send a letter with more details.

My companion/trainer is Hermana Allred and I LOVE HER to death! I am learning SO MUCH from her and she is ever encouraging and patient with my Spanish. She's from Arizona and is like 6 feet tall. Also, she loves Harry Potter and is 21... Seriously, she works so hard and I love that!

Every day someone feeds us Almuerzo and it is INSANE! I feel like I'm going to die because we eat so much. It's like a salad, then soup, then the meal (usually lots of meat and pasta and potatoes), then, right when I think I'll pass you, they bring out desert. Don't worry, this pretty much the only meal I eat haha

I'm running out of time!!Tomorrow we're taking 2 investigators (Matias and Paulina who have 1 kid) to the temple for a tour! They are awesome and remind me a lot of mama and pa, but pre-gospel. We're trying to get them to get married so they can be baptized!

Seriously, being here is AMAZING!! I'm so thankful the Heavenly Father trusts me enough to love and teach the people of Makul. I love you guys!!!

Let the blog people know that I see their emails, I just don't have time!! But I SO appreciate hearing from everyone :) I feel the love!

Ricky and Jacob, write me YOU LITTLE PUNKS!!! Also, Happy Birthday, Jake! Sorry I left you out in the last adorable little Teacher. Rick, be good and cut your hair! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Hermana Nahiomi/Omi/Nomi/Nahio/Nahoe Aponte

P.S. A lady asked if me and my companion are married...that's a no. Do you want to hear a message about Jesus Christ?!

P.S.S. Our Mission President's wife made a workout video called "Getting Wripped with Hermana Wright" and it's aweomse haha I'm getting wripped.

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