Tuesday, September 16, 2014

18 de Septiembre is Independence Day...

Hola my favorite people in the world,

Sorry about all the

punctuation/grammar/spelling mistakes! These keyboards are CRAZY and there's always SO LITTLE TIME. How does that happen?

Irma has a baptism date (Oct. 5 aka GENERAL CONFERENCE) so that's awesome! I love her and her family :) Also, new investigators!!! Elsa (yes, like FROZEN) and Alejandra (like...Alejandra). They are GOLDEN investigators! So ready to receive this message and completely change their lives. Seriously, when we met them they were both like "God sent you to me!" with tears and all. We love them to pieces.Well, we love everyone to pieces, but they are great!

A kid from church said my Spanish is way better than 2 weeks ago when I got here, so hey, PROGRESS. I can't tell any difference, but I'm taking his word for it.

Also, 9/11 is like a national day of rioting here! Heavenly Father is definitely watching out for us! Anyway, we had to return to the apartment at like 7pm for like safetly reasons, even though after that the only thing that happened here in Macul was all the power went out...fun stuff :)

18 de Septiembre is Independence Day here in Chile and apparently it's 100 times cooler than 4th of July..just saying. Lots of pictures of that next week, hopefully!! It basically just means we'll gain 10 pounds from empanadas this week :)

Also, Zone Conference is pretty much General Conference, but without the prophet or apostles...also, it's not on T.V. Ok, it's a little different, but you feel just as inspired and pumped to work when it's over!!! SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Invite nonmembers to watch it with you! Hearing thje voice of the living prophet is a beautiful thing.

Also, can I just say...HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!!! Really, Heavenly Father doesn't need us or the members to do this work. He lets us participate because it brings a greatest kind of joy to the missionaries and members. Seriously, don't doubt the power of your testimony and experiences!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Seriously though, being a missionary is the most AMAZING thing in the entire world!! Every day I have to give thanks 1000 times to be here, participating in this work. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints IS the church of Jesus Christ. He leads it; he is at its head. It changes lives and brings the happiness Heavenly Father planned for us to experience in this life. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!!! That's all :)

I MISS YOU GUYS!! One month down ;) but the time is flying by! Stay too busy to miss me, even though it will probably be a struggle. I know I'm everyone's favorite ;) Also, I will stop writing everyone if Ricky and Jacob don't write me, so get on that!!! Those rude little hoodlums. The silence is lo longer funny! Also, people are always praying for the families of the missionaries and that is touching everytime. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

With an INSANE amount of love your way,

Hermana Aponte aka. Nomi aka Omi aka Nahio aka Nahoe aka Nahiomi aka everything else :)

P.S. I let Hna. Allred cut my hair today...it's curly right now, so I don't even know if it's even or not! It was her first time, but I trust her...kind of. I only cried for a second.

P.S.S. I ate cow stomach this week and was only slightly traumatized. I'm not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't pick it up at the grocery store. I'm recovering though.

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