Monday, September 22, 2014

P-day is over now

The Internet wasn't working, so we had to run to another store to use the computer. P-day is over now though, so I can only send you this. Everything is great here! I printed everyone's email's and I'll talk to you all next week!

So much love your way!!!!

Love, Nahiomi
Empandas de Chile...basically what we eat every day
This is how we feel after eating here in Chile
Hermana Allred talks me in sometimes...she makes the best missionary mother

Service project

On exchanges


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

18 de Septiembre is Independence Day...

Hola my favorite people in the world,

Sorry about all the

punctuation/grammar/spelling mistakes! These keyboards are CRAZY and there's always SO LITTLE TIME. How does that happen?

Irma has a baptism date (Oct. 5 aka GENERAL CONFERENCE) so that's awesome! I love her and her family :) Also, new investigators!!! Elsa (yes, like FROZEN) and Alejandra (like...Alejandra). They are GOLDEN investigators! So ready to receive this message and completely change their lives. Seriously, when we met them they were both like "God sent you to me!" with tears and all. We love them to pieces.Well, we love everyone to pieces, but they are great!

A kid from church said my Spanish is way better than 2 weeks ago when I got here, so hey, PROGRESS. I can't tell any difference, but I'm taking his word for it.

Also, 9/11 is like a national day of rioting here! Heavenly Father is definitely watching out for us! Anyway, we had to return to the apartment at like 7pm for like safetly reasons, even though after that the only thing that happened here in Macul was all the power went stuff :)

18 de Septiembre is Independence Day here in Chile and apparently it's 100 times cooler than 4th of July..just saying. Lots of pictures of that next week, hopefully!! It basically just means we'll gain 10 pounds from empanadas this week :)

Also, Zone Conference is pretty much General Conference, but without the prophet or apostles...also, it's not on T.V. Ok, it's a little different, but you feel just as inspired and pumped to work when it's over!!! SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Invite nonmembers to watch it with you! Hearing thje voice of the living prophet is a beautiful thing.

Also, can I just say...HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!!! Really, Heavenly Father doesn't need us or the members to do this work. He lets us participate because it brings a greatest kind of joy to the missionaries and members. Seriously, don't doubt the power of your testimony and experiences!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Seriously though, being a missionary is the most AMAZING thing in the entire world!! Every day I have to give thanks 1000 times to be here, participating in this work. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints IS the church of Jesus Christ. He leads it; he is at its head. It changes lives and brings the happiness Heavenly Father planned for us to experience in this life. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!!! That's all :)

I MISS YOU GUYS!! One month down ;) but the time is flying by! Stay too busy to miss me, even though it will probably be a struggle. I know I'm everyone's favorite ;) Also, I will stop writing everyone if Ricky and Jacob don't write me, so get on that!!! Those rude little hoodlums. The silence is lo longer funny! Also, people are always praying for the families of the missionaries and that is touching everytime. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

With an INSANE amount of love your way,

Hermana Aponte aka. Nomi aka Omi aka Nahio aka Nahoe aka Nahiomi aka everything else :)

P.S. I let Hna. Allred cut my hair's curly right now, so I don't even know if it's even or not! It was her first time, but I trust her...kind of. I only cried for a second.

P.S.S. I ate cow stomach this week and was only slightly traumatized. I'm not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't pick it up at the grocery store. I'm recovering though.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh, there have been 2 earthquakes!

I feel like that is still the extent of my Spanish, but I promise it will get better! I'm writing this one first so I can actually tell you guys about some of the stuff happening over here! So, if I don't send one of you a personal email, I'll get you next week :)

 Ok, sooooo a couple of INVESTIGADORES. We are teaching Ketty who is a seriously cool lady. All she wants is to do what Heavenly Father wants her to do, including getting married to Carlos, then baptized! We're helping her with her smoking addiction and things are going pretty well :)

There's also Irma (mother) y Alicia (daughter with haha). Irma has been to church so many times that people are always asking if she's a member...sadly, no. Not yet, anyway :) She has some hesitations and is meeting with Presidente Wright this week! That'll be awesome because you can't talk to that man and not come out of it changed forever. He is awesome! Alicia wants nothing more than to be baptized! BUT, she has only been to church 1 times, so that can't exactly happen yet. It's a work in progress. This is a seriously beautiful family! Except Irma insist on calling us by our first names...awkward haha But, we are taking them to temple square for a tour on Saturday!! Pray that we can figure out sus necesidades.

Antonella is a 10 year old girl who is die-hard Catholic, but her mom, Camilla, is menos activo. It's cool to talk to a little girl with so much conviction haha We asked her to p

ray about being baptized, so we'll see how that went! She's hilarious :)

Fun stuff...everything is fun! We have great days and also some really lame days where absolutely nothing goes right, but it's all OK. We had divisions (my first time) and that was mission-changing. So we switch companions for 24 hours and go live and teach in another sector. I went to Nunoa (the richer area) and HOLY COW. I learned a ton from this other Hermana. When Hermana Allred and I reunited we were both just like "Holy slap in the face. We've gotta change some things and step up." We had both been wondering why we weren't stressed, but after those divisions the stress was there. It was EXTREMELY humbling to see the way this other companionship works and loves the people. I mean, Hermana Allred and I are kipping good missionaries (at least, we're trying to be) but we can always be better. The Lord just doesn't need missionaries who are content to stay where they are--progress should be constant!

We flew kites with the other Hermana's iWE CAN TAKE NAPS ON P-DAY!!!! I can't express my excitement when I found that out. It was like I had been living in darkness and was shown the light. I love naps with a passion haha So, we nap on P-days :)
I feel like I should tell you guys this story...we were eating lunch at a member's house, right? We're leaving and she's unlocking the gate (everyone has gates and fences around their houses) and her like 5 Chihuahua´s are going CRAZY. Then, this little Chihuaha starts barking at my feet and I'm trying to step away, but it ATTACKED! Like, it was biting my leg and hanging on as I tried to shake it off haha So there I am, shaking my leg like crazy to get rid of this crazy Chihuaha and avoid disease, and Hna. Allred is just crying...from laughing. haha I'm a real live missionary now that I've been attacked by a dog! I'm OK, don't stress yourselves ;)

n our Zone today and that was a party! Honestly, I'm not sure I have any kind of future in professional kite-flying though. Also,

That's really all that is happening over here! Oh, there have been 2 earthquakes! Hna. Allred and I slept through one, so we didn't even know about it until the next day haha the other one happened while I was in el CMM and was like a 6.6 or something! The only issue was that I was in the basement (so you can't really feel it) and I was also exhausted. So when everything was shaking I just assumed it was construction work haha Not too exciting!

 I love you guys SO MUCH!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

...teaching the very REAL people...

As you probably know, I am out in the field teaching the very REAL people of Makul in Santiago, Chile. It's kind of a poorer area (but decently safe, Pa) and the people are awesome! We're teaching so many people that I can't even say much right now. I'll send a letter with more details.

My companion/trainer is Hermana Allred and I LOVE HER to death! I am learning SO MUCH from her and she is ever encouraging and patient with my Spanish. She's from Arizona and is like 6 feet tall. Also, she loves Harry Potter and is 21... Seriously, she works so hard and I love that!

Every day someone feeds us Almuerzo and it is INSANE! I feel like I'm going to die because we eat so much. It's like a salad, then soup, then the meal (usually lots of meat and pasta and potatoes), then, right when I think I'll pass you, they bring out desert. Don't worry, this pretty much the only meal I eat haha

I'm running out of time!!Tomorrow we're taking 2 investigators (Matias and Paulina who have 1 kid) to the temple for a tour! They are awesome and remind me a lot of mama and pa, but pre-gospel. We're trying to get them to get married so they can be baptized!

Seriously, being here is AMAZING!! I'm so thankful the Heavenly Father trusts me enough to love and teach the people of Makul. I love you guys!!!

Let the blog people know that I see their emails, I just don't have time!! But I SO appreciate hearing from everyone :) I feel the love!

Ricky and Jacob, write me YOU LITTLE PUNKS!!! Also, Happy Birthday, Jake! Sorry I left you out in the last adorable little Teacher. Rick, be good and cut your hair! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Hermana Nahiomi/Omi/Nomi/Nahio/Nahoe Aponte

P.S. A lady asked if me and my companion are married...that's a no. Do you want to hear a message about Jesus Christ?!

P.S.S. Our Mission President's wife made a workout video called "Getting Wripped with Hermana Wright" and it's aweomse haha I'm getting wripped.