Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hola from Chile...

Chile is chilly. You guys were right, I should have unpacked the coat! I landed a couple of hours ago and just finished unpacking. I don't think I have a companion yet, so I'm with two other sisters until the fourth sister gets here. They both speak only Spanish, so this should be fun haha

In Atlanta I met up with like 25 other missionaries! We all really get along, so that's good :) The
toughest part has been unpacking haha Just because that made it official...I'm in Chile for the next 18 months. What does that even mean?! I mostly just try to think of anything BUT the family haha I miss you guys a lot!! Don't worry about me, though. We are well taken care of!

I already love this beautiful city and the beautiful people. Santiago already feels like a second home :)  I can't wait to speak Spanish and teach people! I met a Chilean lady on the plane and she gave me her email. She says she's not interested in learning more about the Church (yeah, yeah) but that we can go visit her sometime. She lives in my mission, so we'll see!

I´m really just supposed to let you know I made it safely, so more from Hermana Aponte next week!

I miss you guys SO MUCH!!! Keep praying for me :)  I love you!!!!


P.S. I HAVE A NAME TAG!! I would also LOVE a nap.

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