Wednesday, August 20, 2014



I only have like 5 minutes, so here it goes!!

Chile is a beautiful place and I LOVE bebing a missionary! They put me in the 2-week Spanish program (SURPRISE), so I leave for the field next week! I'm nervous and excited and nervous :) The 2-week thing was a mistake and happened with one other sister. Presidente Doll said if we aren't comfortable at the end of the two weeks, we cant maybe stay for 4 more. I really don't know what I'll do.

 The Spanish is coming along, I think...I hope! I have taught like 6 lessons and I'm getting better at that! It's crazy how you feel the Spirit even though it's just practice. This work is AMAZING!!!We get to go to the temple tomorrow!! My companion is from Paraguay and she's pretty nice :) She doesn't speak or understand any English, so I practice a lot! 

There are so many great missionaries here! There is one in particular, Hermana Cannon, who I LOVE. She's from Utah, but is fluent in Spanish, so we're in the same district. We like to take English breaks often beause it really gets to you speaking Spanish all day haha

On Sunday we had Noche de Hogar and taught the Spanish-speakers English on like a game show thing. For Sacrament we all prepare talks and they call up people at random from the pulpit. I felt like they were drawing names for the Hunger Games or something!!

I miss you guys SO MUCH, but I'm not homesick (keep praying for me). We're so busy, there's really not time to be homesick haha We're in class for 12 hours everyday with 16 hour days. It's exhausting, but SO GREAT!
  Keep writing me!! I want to know about everything! Someone  make a list of the movies I'm missing! We'll have a marathon whhen I get back! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Nahiomi Hermana Aponte

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